Department of Health (Women and Children Protection Program)

The Aquino Health Agenda (AHA): Achieving Universal Health Care for All Filipinos embodied in Administrative Order No. 2010-0036, dated December 16, 2010 states that poor Filipino families “have yet to experience equity and access to critical health services.” A.0. 2010-0036 further recognizes that the public hospitals and health facilities have suffered neglect due to the inadequacy of health budgets in terms of support for upgrading to expand capacity and improve quality of services. In 1997, Administrative Order 1-B or the “Establishment of a Women and Children Protection Unit in All Department of Health (DOH) Hospitals” was promulgated in response to the increasing number of women and children who consult due to violence, rape, incest, and other related cases. 

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Council for the Welfare of Children

The Council for the Welfare of Children is the focal inter-agency body of the Philippine Government for children. It is mandated to coordinate the implementation and enforcement of all laws; formulate, monitor and evaluate policies, programs and measures for children.

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Regional Child Protection Working Group

Author:Republic of Philippines

Child Welfare Code

Author:Republic of Philippines,2011

Child Protection in the Philippines

Author:Save the children ,2011